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Welcome to the website of the company GTR.  We sell such car parts  as: aluminium wheel rims, steel wheel rims and tyres.  It is in our offer that you will also find automotive gadgets, spacers, screws, nuts and centring rings.  If the subject of the maintenance of wheel rims seems to be strange for you, we invite you to our workshop, where you will be able to improve your knowledge in this subject.



Exclusive aluminium wheels in sizes from 14 up to 24 inches for passenger cars.  Aluminium wheels offered by us are products of the highest quality manufactured by the best companies specializing in aluminium and chromed wheels production.  The highest quality and precision of the workmanship are characteristic features of the products sold by us.  While buying by us, you can be sure that your car will get beautiful, safe and found nowhere else wheels, which let you enjoy their appearance for many years.  There are wheels of such producers available in the offer as: ATS, AEZ, AZEV, BREYTON, CMS, DOTZ, DEZENT, ENZO, KESKIN, MAM, PROLINE, RH, RIAL and RONAL. The Majority of wheels from our offer holds the TUV certificate, which testifies about  high quality of the workmanship.




We offer also different car accessories associated with wheels and tyres.  We mean spacers, which are used to increase the wheel track in the car, what results in better car driving in the so-called high-speed corners.  Centring rings, which are helpful by fitting and centring of wheel rims on the hub.  Chromed and hidden valves, which apart from their appropriate also perform decorative function.  Screws for aluminium wheels, their due selecting is responsible for proper attaching the wheell to the hub, such screws have different collars, suitable for the hole, which appears in the wheel. 


We have also in our offer tyres intended for passenger, off-road and delivery cars.  Soon, we will extend our offer by tyres for lorries.  The wide variety of snow and summer tyres in different sizes with the protective border to the wheel rim or without.  Tyres originating from such known producers as Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Nokian, Pirelli, Toyo or Vredestein.  While buying tyres by us, you are sure that you will get a new product, which has not been stored in a magazine for a few years.  Remember, it is not worth to spare on tyres. It is on them that the safety of yours  and persons travelling with you depends so trust professionals and consider the possibility of purchasing tyres by us.





It is in our offer that you will find also spinners of different patterns and sizes.  These are new products, coming from the factory of an American producer, Mega Spinwheele, which fit to majority of chromed wheel rims that we offer you on our website.  If you are interested in improving attraction of your car, we invite you to analyse our offer, because nothing is better for improving the appearance of your car as a spinner whirling in the light of the sun.


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